Winooski voters to decide approval of commercial cannabis

WINOOSKI, Vt. (WCAX) – City leaders in Winooski are asking voters to approve of commercial cannabis in the City.

Winooski City Council voted unanimously Monday to put Regulated Commercial Cannabis on the Town Meeting Day ballot.

Winooski Police Chief, Rick Hebert sent a letter to the City Council saying he doesn’t anticipate more calls for public safety if retail shops are allowed but is concerned about the manufacturing facility. Hebert says, “due to our small geographic footprint close to neighbors, the potential of hazardous materials on site, and the possibility of nuisance complaints about odors.”

The Fire Chief doesn’t expect it to add any burden to the department or code enforcement, but is cautious.

The ballot question on Town Meeting Day will ask voters to permit cannabis retailers specifically.

They left out language that would approve of integrated licenses where businesses could manufacture and sell cannabis

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