Where’s Your Future Stoner GF Hiding?

You’re already dating, she’s just not into weed yet.

Maybe you’re… already dating your future stoner GF and you just don’t know it yet? Maybe you just need to pop the question, and have a couple of easygoing joints rolled and ready.

In the event that your current girlfriend isn’t really into weed yet, you have some options. Pressuring them into trying it isn’t going to be an effective one. When you’re guiding a canna-curious newbie, patience, and moderation is key. Listen up for their concerns. Maybe it’s not cannabis, but smoking that they don’t care for. A gentle entry point for just starting out is one toke of a joint or an edible with <5 mg of THC. Remember that your tolerance isn’t a good benchmark, and maybe stay (at least a little) clearheaded when they have their first experience, so you’re available to keep them comfy, hydrated and feeling good.

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