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Topical CBD Enhanced With Pure Essential Oils

CBD products are one of the most beneficial products in recent history.

But, do you know what’s in it? Do you know if it’s pure? Moreover, do you even know if that amber-colored vial you just bought last week is free of contaminants?

People are often swayed by fads and crazes. Without ever asking if the stuff they’re using is ACTUALLY effective.

At Innovative CBD, we take great pride in using only the best, most powerful, and complete ingredients in our products. So you don’t fall victim to fillers, contaminants, and all the other bad stuff.

We’re delivering a topical CBD that soothes the body from aches and pain as well as smells great, without compromise. After studying the science behind essential oils and their advantages. It was an easy choice for us to include essential oils in our topical line.

It was even easier to ensure the product was 100% organic. Seriously — we’re less focused on making a quick buck than the other guys. When it comes to the essential oils we use. We work exclusively with Mountain Rose Herbs and Pranarom as 100% organic certified essential oil providers. Every product that you order, has all the beneficial ingredients you can possibly put in a topical hemp product.

Both companies pass our rigorous standards of purity and consistency. They did this before we considered distilling their essential oils into our products. We ensure the brands share the same vision of purity, sustainability for the environment, and high level of health aid. Also, we ensure that every single individual involved is as concerned with your well-being as we are.

Helping our customers to better understand the incredible power that essential oils provide. Let’s take a look at each brand and its focus on providing comfort to users.

The expert team at Mountain Rose Herbs consists of herbalists, plant lovers, and environmentalists. As we dive into their large range of oils, we choose to use oils that provide relaxing sensations. For example, in our OVA Muscle Rub, one of the main oils is Cajeput. This, as believed by many experts, is a great medical treatment for sore muscles because it provides a warming sensation to the skin. Priding themselves on using only organic botanicals to craft their highly effective products, Mountain Rose Herbs puts people, plants, and our planet before their profit.

The expert team at Pranoram is passionate and committed to staying organic. Utilizing time-tested practices combined with the vitality of nature, as we choose Pranoram oils, we do our best to ensure each is packed with health-improving properties. By using Peppermint in our Full-Spectrum CBD Balm, an ingredient known worldwide for its cooling sensation that works to relieve wind-chapped and cracked lips. Truly producing therapeutic-grade oils, Pranoram brings new levels of added healing to the Innovative CBD organic hemp products

Sparing no expense on the added ingredients we use, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our selection practices, please reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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