The Home Stretch

Being able to get up and get moving with some regularity has a multitude of benefits. By taking some time to stretch and move – even while sitting at your desk – you can do things that help your body manage, no matter where your workspace may be.

Many health experts agree that stretching is one of the best ways to help yourself and your health from the comfort of your own home or office. Regular stretching can help increase your flexibility and range of motion. This is great news for those who may struggle with stiff joints or sore knots.

By stretching, you can increase your blood flow to your muscles which has many cumulative positives like improving your ability to get up and get moving more often. With each day, each movement gets easier. By stretching, you can also help with your posture. The muscles in the shoulders and back area will get stronger which helps reduce back pain and musculoskeletal soreness.

Some popular stretching techniques that are recommended by experts include:

The One Arm Hug:
Take one arm and cross it across your body to the opposite shoulder. You can use the free hand to push at the bent elbow to stretch the shoulder and outer arm area gently.

The Stretch Back:
Sitting in your office chair, reach your hands behind the back of the chair and clasp your hands, or use your free hand to gently push the elbow of the arm you are stretching. Take a deep breath and arch your back. This stretch can be held for up to 30 seconds before relaxing.

The Sky Reach:
Interlock your hands and hold them above your head, arms stretched upward with palms facing the ceiling. Keep shoulders loose but push palms upward above you to feel the stretch. Hold for up to 10 seconds and repeat as necessary.

Another good idea is to have Koi’s CBD topical options nearby so that you can target those specific stubborn spots. Made with skin-loving ingredients, our topicals utilize hemp extracts with CBD for quick, plant-based relief.

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Health and wellness is a top priority for Koi. We encourage you to stretch for 5 minutes every hour to reduce any soreness or muscle pain throughout your day. Stretching combined with our Koi CBD topicals will deliver relief and ensure a balanced day.

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