“The Best-kept Secret In Weed….Women”

“Everyone was money grabbing and it made me sick,” Seelman said. “It hit me at the moment that if I started my own company, I could provide the high quality work product of an attorney while protecting clients who were being taken advantage of by unscrupulous actors.”

Seelman launched Canna Business Services, a national cannabis consulting company with a singular goal of providing certainty in this uncertain and high risk market. Since 2016, she set out to provide clients with unparalleled expertise in assisting their efforts to obtain and operate cannabis businesses. She has since grown her team of female staff to provide that same quality nationally.

Canna Business Services connects investors with cannabis companies, providing them investment opportunities for financial entry into the industry. Canna Business Services’ network and expertise give investors the chance to put their money into a white-hot cannabis market while avoiding the high risk of applying for a cannabis license through a state agency.

Seelman knows that investors’ two biggest questions are, “How will my money be protected” and “When will I get it back”? Her organization is crafted around providing certainty to those questions in an industry that often offers very little.

Beyond investing, Seelman and her powerhouse team of women provide a number of services, including application aid, strategy consulting, business-growth deep dives, packaging and labeling compliance, and more.

Before launching Canna Business Services, Seelman helped build the cannabis division of a large Pittsburgh law firm as the new industry grew around them. This helped Seelman become an expert in a new industry where few exist. Her wide breadth of experience in the legal and cannabis fields allows her to provide strategic consultation beyond what law firms and business consultants can.

She is also a speaker in the industry, giving talks at cannabis workshops, conferences, podcasts, radio shows, and more.

SOURCE Canna Business Services

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