Question for Cannabutter.

Hello guys I had 15 grams mj for make cannabutter.I used 180+180 butter while transferring the thc to butter.But after i have done everything i counted my butter ( after the freeze)When i counted i saw that its 270 Gr.

I don’t know why its less than 360 Gr like this.

I started to think it will be much stronger for make some cookies. That’s why i am thinking about put them to tove and add one more 180 GR butter and mix them helping with hot water. While i am transferring at first step its took 3 hours.Do you think if i add one more 180 GR to stove and mix with this for 10 minutes. The cannabutter and normal butter can mix correctly ? Whats your advice ?Or while i am making cookies is it okay if i add 50 gram cannabutter + 40 gram normal butter. ?I did my butter with this way :

Sorry for the language. I hope you guys understand what i am trying to mean. Waiting your advice. Thanks & Peace

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