Product Review: Strain Snobs Delta 8 THC Chocolates

When it comes to cannabis, there’s a lot of variety. With so many different methods of consumption and a plethora of different cannabinoids, it can be hard to choose what might work the best for you. Understandably, many people are shifting away from smoking and vaping, which is easily doable when it comes to cannabinoids because there are myriad ways to consume them. Not only are edibles getting a bit of time in the spotlight, but with further research, so is the cannabinoid ?8 THC (Delta 8 THC).

Regardless of whether or not you’re someone who regularly partakes in the consumption of cannabis or hemp derived products, you’ve probably heard of THC. Likely this is from the phrase “0.3% THC or less” (which is the legal maximum amount of ?9 THC allowed in hemp-derived products). ?9 THC is much more studied and widely known than its sibling, ?8 THC. While there are a few molecular differences between the two, both are notably intoxicating. Many experience less intoxication with ?8 THC over ?9 THC, but regardless of level of intoxication, no one should drive under the influence of either cannabinoid.

There are as many ways to take ?8 THC as there are ?9 THC and even CBD. Vaping is a pretty popular option overall, but for those opting for a lighter load on the lungs, edibles may be more up your alley. One of my favorite ?8 THC edibles is the Strain Snobs 25mg chocolate squares. These vegan chocolates are made with delicious dark chocolate and have a pretty sizable amount of ?8 THC. While I take the whole chocolate, people who are less familiar with THC may want to cut them in pieces and start at a smaller dose.

When I took the 25mg ?8 THC chocolate, I found that I felt a pretty nice relaxation and mild high. It wasn’t too strong or too sleep inducing, which I often experience with ?9 THC. I really appreciated this, knowing that I could take a ?8 THC edible and enjoy a home movie night or games night without feeling like I needed to just go to sleep.

I personally really enjoyed the effects I experienced from ?8 THC chocolates. While mild, they still provided me with a pleasant intoxicating feeling and relaxation. If you’re interested in learning more about ?8 THC, then feel free to speak with an employee of DiscoverCBD in store or on the website!

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