Popeye Would Be Upset, Peace Naturals Recall Spinach Dancehall PreRolls

Peace Naturals has recalled one lot of Spinach Dancehall pre-rolls due to mislabelling showing incorrect cannabinoid levels.


Peace Naturals Project has recalled about 800 packages of their “Spinach” brand prerolls from Quebec following the discovery of a labelling error.

The product, a single pack of a pre-roll of Dancehall Sativa, had a printed total value of THC as 6 mg/g and 9mg/g of CBD. The correct figures are 59mg/g THC and 89mg/g CBD. The product retails for about $10 on Quebec’s online store the Société québécoise du cannabis.

Neither Health Canada or Peace Naturals has received any complaints from the public. Labelling errors are not an uncommon reason for product recalls in the cannabis industry in Canada.

The recalled product was sold from January 6 to February 2, 2021.

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