Our CBD Capsule 2-Pack Is Your Perfect Road Trip Companion

For many, winter is the land of the doldrums. After the holidays, it’s easy to fall back into the mundanity of work, Netflix, organizing sock drawers, repeat, until better spring weather comes along. Instead of letting the gray season get you down, get excited by planning your next road trip.

The US is full of rad road trip possibilities. Whether you plan to make memories cruising through Zion National Park or snapping a few photos at Marfa’s Cadillac Ranch, one thing you should ensure is that you get the rest you need on the road.

If you need aid to help sleep while you’re away, one road trip must-have is our Rest CBD Gel Capsule 2-Pack. Ideal for road trips because it’s convenient to pack, easy-to-use, and dynamite at troubleshooting sleep issues, the Rest 2-Pack is a no-brainer addition to your overnight bag.

Sleeping on the road can be rough.

We all know the feeling: It’s finally time to swap for your turn in the passenger seat and you can’t get any shut-eye. But you can’t blame yourself—road trips are stimulating and it’s hard to turn off. Plus, who wants to sleep with their neck craned and face pressed up against a hot sunny window?

While vacations are meant to be restful—and are proven to have a positive psychological impact—getting the sleep you need during a road trip can be both inconvenient and uncomfortable.

So if you’re feeling uncomfy, the Rest CBD Gel Capsules can help turn your mind off for a well-deserved snooze. The softgels are simple to take and can make falling asleep less stressful. As a bonus, CBD won’t leave you feeling groggy or hungover when you wake up. Alcohol hangovers, with symptoms more formally known as veisalgia, typically occur the morning after drinking when your blood-alcohol level drops to zero. Part of the reason they feel so terrible is that alcohol can knock the body’s balance out of sorts, starting with your liver and sometimes resulting in fatigue and dizziness.

CBD, in contrast, can work to restore the body’s balance. The body’s natural endocannabinoid system helps regulate appetite, sleep, and more. Because of this, taking CBD can actually encourage feelings of rest and equilibrium.

Our products are all THC-free, so there is no high. Each Rest gel capsule contains 33.3 mg of CBD, 75 mg of Passionflower, and 75 mg Valerian to help you relax and unwind. The capsules are soy-free and sugar-free, so you’re just getting the goods of an all-natural sleep aid.

So while your go-to sleep remedy may be taking a shot of bourbon, these CBD capsules are painless in comparison and will help keep you safe and rested on the road.

CBD has been shown to improve sleep.

Unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high but it has been shown to help improve sleep. According to Healthline, CBD can not only help you get the rest you need but can also improve your energy and focus during waking hours. For road trips, this is ideal because you’ll want to be up and at ‘em as soon as you get the chance.

If you’re someone that is strict about your bedtime routine, you may want to consider taking Rest before sleep for a period of time before your road trip. That way, when you’re away from home and take the capsule, your body will take it as a familiar cue to start to fall asleep. Being away from your bed can cause its own set of stresses, but don’t let the discomfort keep you tired when you should be having fun.

Let go of your FOMO.

Plenty of people don’t get the sleep they need when they’re on vacation because they’re afraid of missing out on the memories. Try to remember that the memories will be more enjoyable if you get the rest you need.

No one wants a grumpy trip companion—feel better and be more present by indulging in the Rest 2-Pack. That way, when you’re selfie-ing it up at Camelback Mountain (or wherever you are), you’ll have a smile on your face instead of a sleepless scowl.

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