Minnesota state Rep Proposes Re-Scheduling Cannabis So Patients Can Keep Their Firearms

Ganjapreneur reports..

Minnesota Republican state Rep. Rod Hamilton is proposing a bill to reclassify medical cannabis in the state as a Schedule 2 drug in an effort to allow patients to legally keep their firearms under federal law, KSTP 5 reports.

Under federal law, medical cannabis patients lose their rights to own and possess firearms as cannabis remains a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Federal background check forms for firearms include a question about cannabis use and officials are able to search state databases to determine whether someone seeking to buy a firearm is also a registered patient in a medical cannabis program.

Hamilton, who has multiple sclerosis and is registered with the state’s medical cannabis program, said he has been unable to renew his permit to carry a gun or legally use a firearm to hunt due to federal law.

Minnesota Bill Would Reschedule Cannabis to Let Patients Access Firearms

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