Medicinal Chef Megon Dee Is Helping People Finding the Sacred in Cannabis

“I learned a lot by working in corporate cannabis,” says Dee. “I was also exploited, discarded, and my work plagiarized. And it’s not simple navigating the growth and failures of a small start-up, either. But I’ve found my purpose in empowering people to reclaim the human experience through food, cannabis, and cannabis as medicine. I merely tapped into my lineage of healers by healing others with cannabis.”

It’s true—being a healer is in Dee’s blood. Her mother’s mother harvested and processed tobacco in her 20s and 30s in early Maryland, and she’s been raised with values of being able to take care of oneself with plant medicine. As Dee puts it, Oracle Wellness aims to “provide tools to heal, protect, and get back to yourself through plant medicine.” So, yes, she makes hemp-derived tinctures and salves with strategic terpenoids and additional herbs, but her online store also carries palo santo bundles, herbal smoking blends that can also be steeped as a tea, oracle card decks (like tarot, but more free), $22 grinders, and home goods designed by Dee herself.

“In my work, I am seeking answers, a connection, an honest meaning in my purpose,” says Dee. “For me, cooking with cannabis and hemp is an act of reclaiming the traditions of medicinal cooking that generations before me had already established. A sacred tradition that I imagine my ancestors practiced and mastered to care for themselves and others when sickness came about. We didn’t have access to healthcare in hospitals, but we had plants.”

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