Irrational paranoia about family—who also smoke—finding me high

My highs are ruined by fear of my stoner parents finding me like that. I have a very low tolerance because I smoke infrequently, so I become unfunctional when I smoke most of the time—that’s how I prefer it, actually, but I can’t control my anxiety when I’m high. Locking the door doesn’t help that much because I freak out if I hear anyone walking near my door.

Now the silly thing is that my entire close family is made up of functional drug addicts. My younger brother is a heavy daily weed + nicotine smoker, and both of my parents are drunk/high almost every night. I’m the only one without a drug problem (and they all need help with it tbh). They know I smoke infrequently and are proud of me for it, especially my brother. They even have invited me to smoke with them multiple times before, and my mom has borrowed my bubbler at times plus my dad just keeps his pipe in view on the living room table. I should NOT be anxious.

Does anyone have tips for this sort of situation? I feel like being paranoid about housemates finding you high is pretty common, so someone must know something. I’d appreciate any help 🙂

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