Help no one has a tolerance like me :(

I know once you smoke/etc thc the first time for the day then it’s not the same throughout the day unless you sleep and reset. I know more than I’m saying just need some help on what im struggling with. It’s come to a point where I use any of this I don’t feel anything, and I know thats easy said however it’s got to the extreme. unless its a dab (rosin,Live rosin,crumble, wax,shatter,etc) or capsules at the 50mg and most time 2 capsules so 100mg 🙁 vape carts barely effective unless its a strain I haven’t had then after about 10 tokes my body adjusts and then it’s ineffective.

For the past year its my fault I have take advantage of my Medical Card. I am a veteran smoker off over 10 years but within that time WOW!

It’s built to this but I have no daily routine and it’s hard because of the stress il going through.

I have more on my plate that the regular individual but anyways,

I I have too much is my problem, it’s gotten to where I visit multiple dispensaries 3-6 times a week. Its a shame and pitiful.

I get a stock of at least

2 rso’s (indica,hybrid, sativa or hybrid,cbd,ratio 1:1 depending on need)

Vape Carts 1g/Syringe 1g 6-8 Various strain Sativa,Hyrbid,Indica, ratio 1:1

Capsules RSO, (ratio 1:1,indica,hybrid,sativa)

At least 4-8 strains flower (indica,hybrid,sativa,hemp cbd)

Topicals 1:1 ratio non transdermal

Dabs 1-2 grams crumble, live rosin

Alot 🙁

I know it’s out of wack, im burning my wallet. I’ve tried tolerance breaks, can’t hack them, it’s to much right now st this point in time.

I need to lower my tolerance without stopping.

I have to use the capsules, can get away without vape carts if knew how?

If anyone is on the medical program and knows the recommendations by the doctor then im on probably a 600mg – mg? Tolerance a day.

Throughout the day I use rso, vaoe carts, topicals and flower at night or day off.

I’m going through a lot and it’s no excuse. Need to lower to at least dr recommendation 200mg a day. Utilmately lower would be great.

I’d love to take 10mg thc capsule a day for a week and my body adjust and suck it up but it does not work for me.

Need Peoples advice with medical cards or doctors?

I use to buy of street to and wow how my knowledge has grew so much since i had my medical card. All I knew before was flower to a t. But this medical program something else.


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