does anyone else get WAY too high off weed everytime??

things i’ve experienced almost EVERYTIME i smoke weed (and i’ve smoked hundreds of times);

-paranoia (everyone is watching me or judging my every behaviour), makes it hard to talk to anyone

-HALLUCINATIONS (i have seen faces of babies, i have lived out “lives” as if they were dreams, i have had conversations with people that are not actually happening, i have seen shapes for different emotions, i have felt my entire body and brain explode after having the biggest realization in my life, i have felt hands all over my body and whispers in my ears)

-dissociation (it feels like i become different personalities and switch between all of them thru the duration of the high)

-i have felt like listening to songs are ironic and are talking to TALK to me anytime i think about something and they are constantly coincidental, every single one that comes on.

-i had a “psychosis” like high months ago (doctor and therapist said this is what happened)

i was wondering if the fact that this is a common occurrence with me could be a sign that i have underlying mental illness of something & marijuana just enhances it or makes it stick out.

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