Could Cannabis Be Better At Treating Kids With Autism Than Traditional Meds?

With a condition as sensitive and difficult as autism, cannabis could be a winning, although eccentric, ticket.

Autism is an increasingly common condition that can be difficult to parent, difficult to diagnose, and difficult to live with. Worse, many of the medications can cause physical symptoms that further impact the lives of those with the condition. Many people with it find themselves suffering from weight fluctuation, explosive episodes, and poor social functioning. Yet there are different methods of coping.

Research Is Proving That Cannabis Can Help

A September 2020 case presentation published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports found that CBD may be effective in treating autism. Previously the 15-year-old patient who the study focused on stopped using traditional medications due to side effects including upset stomach, suicidal ideation, alopecia, tremor, and reflux, and a 13 kg weight gain in a year.

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