More and more people are hearing about live in the Berkshires and wonder “is it just hype?”. Well as the magazine for the people that love to travel and live the good life magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, will tell you it indeed lives up to the hype and then some.

From Conde Nast Traveller recent huge feature (with amazing photos) titled “Why The Berkshires, Massachusetts Should Be Your Next US Destination:”

Long sought out by eminent writers and jaded New Yorkers as a rustic base, the Berkshires have evolved into a vibrant nexus of chefs and artists reweaving the traditional fabric.

We would add that the Berkshires is also home to the best legal cannabis in Massachusetts. Canna Provisions Lee – with the biggest selection of carefully curated craft cannabis in the Commonwealth is situated the Gateway to the Berkshires, in Lee.

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Jan/Feb 2021 cover of Conde Nast Traveller. Check out more at

If you’re going anywhere in the Berkshires, say Miraval Resort, or Canyon Ranch, or the town of Lenox, or Great Barrington, etc you pass right by us. And you’d be amazed at how many wellness-centered yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and Hollywood and New York celebrities make Canna Provisions their cannabis shop in the Berkshires.

It doesn’t hurt that Canna Provisions is the leader in top notch personalized guided customer experiences. Stop by today and learn why our preorder and curbside pickup option is just as enjoyable and educational as the in-store experience for Canna Provisions customers.

Jon Piasecki and Chemdog
Chemdog (right) at work consulting on Wiseacre Farm Cannabis, which can now be found exclusively at Image by Dan McCarthy @acutalproof

More from Conde Nast Traveller piece bestowing love and instruction to travel to the Berkshires during COVID or any time:

The Berkshires are equidistant from both New York and Boston. But rather than existing in the thrall of these cities, this is first and foremost a county in Massachusetts, spanning the state’s entire western edge, from the post-industrial town of North Adams to the rolling farmlands in the south. One of the first geographic difficulties – or blessings – I discovered upon moving here is precisely how disconnected it is from New York City. It takes actual work, the negotiation of a few knotty highways, and several moments of questioning the integrity of your GPS and sanity, to reach this place. Psychologically, that separation keeps it an animal of New England rather than a far-flung bedroom community of the Big Apple. And it is New England, in all of its romantic, Norman Rockwellian charm that really enchants.

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Image via Conde Nast Traveller. Berkshires legal recreational cannabis awesomeness via Canna Provisions Lee at

So say you’re on your way to West Stockbridge. Or because he has so much history with the area, just in the Berkshires to see some Normal Rockwell historic art. Or, to just find a parking spot off Monument Mountain in Great Barrington, before coming to Lee to see the courthouse Arlo Guthrie sung about in “Alice’s Restaurant” in Lee. And because it’s a perfect area for it, before you plant to go for a cannabis-infused hike (you should probably pack some DIY cannabis dosed ranch oyster crackers for the trip), before or on your way to all of that, you should stop and see us.

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An example of our bundled kits. In this case the “Ski Bumble”. More at

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