CBD, to me, is a pet peeve. Thoughts on legalization.

More so just a double standard of the government? In all honesty, I do like CBD when not in the mood for THC. Be a nice cigarette alternative quite honestly. I myself see more cognitive gains from THC. It seems to be more of a “how much can we get away with?” senario by the government. Will they remain silent? Silence I’ve ran out of. Everyone smokes in my area anyways. Why not just, get with the program and stop the delay? We are very far from a free country.

I didn’t smoke for the first time till I was 25. Years prior I had worked at the airport. Of course, I was anxious about possibly getting caught. Mind you, looking back. It may have helped 10 fold with my ability to do the work with less stress as it was extremely stressful. I’d smoked for the first time after a factory job started draining the life force out of me. I couldn’t believe how much it helped me.

As far as modern advocacy goes. I am fed up with the lingering speed of my states government as well as others. Of course, they say one thing than do the next. In the meantime, people continually get fined ridiculous amounts. When the main harm being done is by ruling you the criminal and asking for payment. Double standard much? It’s time for the entire US to decriminalize and admit it was wrong. It has far too many benefits to ignore. As I’d said in a prior comment. I long for the day we can go to bars and smoke joints together. To me, that’d be heaven. No fights, no testosterone filled hunter gatherer mentalities. Just people finally having a smile on their face.
As a joke I made up the hypothetical idea, if I opened up a grow farm in my state (near my home town), would my friends work there? Even going so far as to think about the process of work life, duties, and structure. One such idea was, for how waste conscious we’ve become, why isn’t cannabis packaged in hemp plastics? We don’t need all the flashy containers that are wrapped in 5 separate boxes. Just my ingenuity working I guess. Giving people their own amount of cannabis along with their pay. Win win.. Of course they were all for it…

Time to cut out pharma, tobacco, and hopefully help people with alcoholism.

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