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We recognize the significance of CBD’s health benefits for humans, but what advantages does it have for your pets? We are focusing on mobility problems, specifically arthritis, which a pet, particularly dogs, suffers from. You have to know that veterinary drugs have a tendency to follow human medicine’s trends but often trail by years or decades to be tested clinically. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to give their approval for CBD or hemp-based drugs to treat arthritis.

Despite no official approval, we want to tell you that there have been researches to support the CBD’s use for curing arthritis. Lab rats with arthritis were tested to see that CBD reduce inflammation. It even slowed down this degenerative condition in many subjects.

Other researches have shown that cannabinoid receptors, like GPR55, might be involved in joint issues’ progression in arthritis. Various studies have demonstrated that CBD communicates with GPR55 and slows down arthritic degeneration.

Not much research has been conducted on dogs but there is one such report where 2mg of CBD administered twice a day enhanced mobility for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis. They are pain-relieving and have anti-inflammatory characteristics. However, these results have not been validated in human beings.

There have been few cases where people with arthritis have experienced relief, improved sleep and reduced anxiety; however, it is entirely anecdotal. Although there have been clinical tests on a large scale, it is safe to say that using natural CBD for pets with arthritis is pretty apt.

You need to contact your printing and packaging solutions provider and print such information on the packaging. Get details on what your CBD pet oil boxes should support.

Hip dysplasia is another common issue our dogs suffer from as it also causes joint pain and inflammation like arthritis. CBD products can help in relieving your dog from both pain and inflammation. Many veterinarians and pet owners see CBD products for pets as a natural way to alleviate symptoms and give them a better and comfortable life, promising more mobility.

We know that CBD oil does not require you to have a prescription but we would still recommend that you consult your vet before giving it to your pet. The reason is simple as CBD oil can also interact with other medicines your dog has taken and result in treatment.

There are other few essential things you should know, like not eating grapefruit and medicines simultaneously. Because chemicals in grapefruit can momentarily obstruct cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver that help in digesting the medications. CBD has similar processing and it should be timed accordingly.

When finding a CBD product for your dog, you must make sure that you are getting the best for him/her. Its swift effectiveness has swept the market by miles and surged its demand. Whenever there is a surge in need, the chances of fake and low-quality products also increase. You should be aware of such counterfeit drugs roaming in the market.

That is why we are suggesting you to buy your CBD pet oil from a trusted brand. Whenever you buy CBD oil for your dog, ensure that the following features are ticked off your list.

Exclusively for Dogs: Do not buy CBD products for people as they contain flavorings, high levels of THC, and other ingredients that can cause harm to your dogs.

Raw Extraction: You should also know that natural hemp oils have dangerous pesticides and herbicides as they are regularly sprayed during farming. You should get a full-spectrum CBD oil prepared with raw extracts to see benefits for your dog.

Lab Trials: It is advised to check the quality and concentration of any hemp or CBD oil before deciding to buy them. You can verify if it is tested by a third-party to ensure you have a pure and concentrated CBD product.

Full-Spectrum Oil: There is an option that is preferred over CBD isolate for its purity and superiority. It is also known as broad-spectrum CBD oil and consists of all the vital substances an industrial plant contains. Despite being low in quantity, these compounds enhance the entire healing characteristics of hemp called the entourage effect. It is a mechanism in which cannabis substances, except THC, perform synergistically to control the plant’s complete psychoactive effect.

Oil Carrier: It has been seen that MCT coconut oil – a supplement – increases the metabolism’s ability to digest CBD oils, which is a sign of a high-quality product.

We have shared various benefits of CBD oils for your pets as we know that pets are held dearer than humans and there is no shame in that. We love dogs for their loyalty and friendliness, and we want nothing but their wellbeing which is easily possible now with CBD pet oils.

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