Best Glass Bongs

It’s no surprise that bongs and water pipes are among the most popular ways to consume cannabis today. People have used bongs for thousands of years because they are among the most reliable smoking devices available. At we’re big fans of water pipes. If you’re looking for our take on the best glass bongs, then worry no more, here is our list:

How Does a Bong Work?

A bong is one of the optimal ways to consume cannabis whether you’re new to it or an expert consumer. Bongs and traditional pipes differ in one critical way: bongs provide water filtration. Both devices hold the dry herb in a bowl, but that is where the similarities end. From there, the bong becomes more complex, with several working parts. The bowl itself is usually removable, and the downstem creates a path between the user and the bong’s base.

The smoke travels this channel after percolating in the water in the base, and exits the bong through the mouthpiece and/or carb hole, depending on the user. It is the water filtration system that really sets the bong experience apart. The water filters and cools down the smoke so it is easier on the throat and lungs. This means you get an unmatched level of comfort that enables a more potent experience overall.

Modern bongs have evolved to feature percolators and other cutting edge technology. These kinds of bongs are designed specifically to prevent those lung-searing inhales that no one wants. Check out the wide variety of bongs for sale in our online head shop. This range offers every smoker exactly the right bong. There is something we love about each one of these high-quality, affordable glass bongs and water pipes.

Why Use a Bong?

We’ve all been there: you take a nice, deep hit from your hand pipe or joint, only to feel your throat burning. Hot smoke against the delicate mucosal membrane on the back of your throat does that, because the smoke doesn’t have time to cool down before going right from the bowl, which is literally burning hot. Bongs and water pipes filter smoke through water before the user inhales it back up through the neck. This way, it cools down, unlike the direct, unfiltered hit from a dry pipe. This contact with water drops the temperature of the smoke by 40 to 50 degrees instantly. Some bongs use percolators or diffused downstems to further force or diffuse the smoke through the water. The percolator holes break the single, large stream of smoke up into numerous small bubbles. This cools the smoke even more thanks to more contact with the water.

What Are the Main Parts of a Bong?


Grind the dry herb for a good, even burn and place it in the bowl. Depending on the bong or water pipe you use, you might want or need to upgrade or replace your bowl, especially for glass bowls. Joint. The connection between the downstem and a dab nail, glass bowl, or bong. When you see joint gender or joint size on a dab rig, bong, or glass attachment, pay attention. That’s letting you know whether the product can create an airtight connection with your existing equipment. There are both male and female varieties of popular joint sizes, including 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Make sure what you’re ordering is compatible. Remember, you should be able to insert the bowl into the downstem joint, and the downstem into the bong joint.


This long, glass tube directs smoke into the water chamber of the bong from the bowl. Downstems can be removable or fixed, and most diffuse the smoke in some fashion. Remember, there are compatibility issues with downstems. Know how to measure your properly in case you ever need to replace it.

Water Chamber

This is simply where your bong holds its water.


This is the portion of the bong where the cooled smoke travels to the mouthpiece.

Ice Catcher

Some high-end bongs feature ice catchers, glass divots that are both beautiful and functional. By placing ice into the catcher, you cool down your smoke even more for an unbelievably smooth hit.


You inhale from the mouthpiece, and ideally you want an airtight seal. This is why preference is so important, and we offer a range of different shapes and styles for every face.

What Are the Types of Bongs?

Whether you’re a tekkie who wants the latest in recyclers or modular bongs or an old-school stoner who loves the classic beaker bongs, we’ve got all the details right here. There is a reason each of these categories is still pretty much near the top of the list when it comes to bongs for sale, and we have some recommendations for each of these.

Classic Beaker Bongs

Cautious noobs and OGs alike love beaker bongs. The are among the most popular bong style worldwide, and here’s why. They are more stable, thanks to a wide base that doesn’t knock over easily. They also hold more water thanks to that wide base, which makes for improved percolation and the smoother, tastier hits you expect.

Best Beaker-style Bong: Grav Labs Large Beaker Water Pipe 16”

Grav Labs Large 16

We love this gorgeous glass bong. Created in borosilicate glass with accents by Grav Labs, this is a real showpiece in the center of the table.


  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Height: 16”
  • Use with flower

This large beaker style glass bong features a 16-inch long body, including a wide, flared base. Load a generous amount of flower into the included 14mm funnel bowl. You’ll love watching those massive hits collect in there and slowly climb up that long chamber.

But no matter how huge that hit gets, it remains cool and smooth, never fear, those hits will stay smooth, because the steep, stable body of the bong includes a showerhead cut downstem. Smoke diffuses through the water thanks to fission downstem filtration before it ever reaches you.

The geometric pressed pinch flare base of this bong serves as a dual ice catcher and splash guard. Just add around 2.5” of water, and enjoy. This is one of our favorite pieces, and no wonder. Despite so many features, it’s easy to use and maintain, right down to cleaning, with an easily removable downstem.

A Classic, Powerful Beaker: Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Seattle-based Marley Naturals has earned its industry reputation for carefully crafting smoking accessories. And while the brand is also known for state-of-the-art performance, their flagship product is the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe, a real embodiment and celebration of the old-school glass bong.

Marley’s smoked glass bong is crafted from thick, smoked borosilicate glass, and also boasts a thick, supported base which dramatically improves the bong’s overall sturdiness and balance. We love the old-fashioned bong in the beaker-style, because it’s so much more stable and handles a greater volume of water for cooler, smoother hits.

But we also love the fact that this design means no more splashback, meaning your chances of accidentally downing a bit slug of nasty bong water much lower since most of it stays securely at the beaker’s bottom.

Better still? The flavor. This glass bong from Marley Naturals comes with a proprietary ice disc that holds ice in place as you use the device, allowing you to achieve better, cooler smoke and improve the flavor. And the eight-slit percolator system delivers serious additional cooling and smoke filtration for a smoking experience that is unparalleled.


  • Beaker-style base
  • Thick, worked, smoked borosilicate glass

Straight Tube Bongs

Although they are not really quite as popular as beaker bongs, straight tubes are still really common—especially in the movies and on television, for some reason. Beyond that, though, straight tubes are easy to use and effective, and they work basically the same way. (But be careful not to tip them over.)

Best Straight Tube Bong: Roor 14” Straight Pipe

Roor Beaker Pipe

If a straight tube bong is more your style, the 14″ RooR Classic Straight Tube Bong is truly difficult to beat. Crafted from premium German Schott Duran Pyrex 50mm x 5mm tubing, this is the type of heavy-duty borosilicate glass your grandma cooks with, and it lasts forever. This glass bong also features a registered RooR label and a classic straight shot design, reliable and built to last.


  • Simple straight shot design
  • Three ice pinch
  • 14mm funnel slide included
  • 14/18mm removable open-end downstem
  • Length of downstem from end to top of ground joint: 4.5 inches
  • Total unit height: 14 inches
  • Diameter of flared base: 5.5 inches
  • Diameter of tube: 50mm
  • 5mm thick, premium borosilicate glass

But just because it’s solid and basic doesn’t mean this glass bong doesn’t perform. The durable Roor Straight Pipe 14” straight tube bong delivers smooth, cool diffusion thanks to a removable 14/18mm open-end downstem. This makes the pipe work like a classic water bong, offering up plenty of cooling and diffusion with just a low level of water in the chamber. And if you like to cool your smoke even more, the straight neck features an ice pinch.
Martin Birzle, a German glass artist, helped originate this simple yet highly functional design for RooR. This collaboration and the bong itself is a great example of what makes—and keeps—RooR’s reputation as a glass industry originator. Each of their pieces features awesome functionality, a classic design, and high-end craftsmanship, and this one is no exception.

Perc Bongs

Perc bongs, short for percolator bongs, use percolators inside the device to break up the smoke into tiny bubbles. This cools, filters, and diffuses the smoke even more, allowing for smoother, easier, more powerful rips.

Best Glass Bong with Perc: Medicali 10”8 Tree Perc Beaker

Medicali 10

Serious diffusion fans, the compact yet classic looking Medicali 10 Inch 8 Tree Perc Beaker is your glass bong. Standing 10 inches tall, the Medicali 8-Arm Tree Perc Beaker features two sophisticated filtration levels and is the ideal glass bong for any cannabis fan, whether experienced or new to the scene.


  • 8 tree percolators
  • 14mm hourglass bowl
  • 14mm, 3.5-inch diameter showerhead downstem
  • Ice catcher
  • Fire polished joints
  • Made in California, USA
  • Height: 10 inches

Two levels of filtration ensure every hit is smooth as silk. First, the diffused downstem pulls the smoke up and through, and into the other chamber, where the tree perc lives. There that bubbling action fills the smoke and cools it more, and an ice pitch is part of this section to chill your hit even further.
With beautiful high quality pieces that are both hand-blown and crafted from scientific glass, Medicali never disappoints. This particular glass bong offers a smaller profile yet tons of amazing filtration—the best of all worlds.

Themed Bongs and E-Bongs

If form is just as important as function in your book, you’re in luck. Themed glass art and modern technology both find homes in the bong marketplace. Here are some of our favorites.

Coyote Glasspiece

AMG Pink Rasta Leaves

Aurora Glasspiece

Silicone Bongs

Lastly, there are silicone bongs, If you love the classic straight acrylic bong but you need something sturdier—or you just want something really cool looking at a relatively budget price—silicone bongs may be your new go-to. Portable and unbreakable, silicone bongs open up the options.

Customize Your Bong With Accessories

One of the reasons so many experienced cannabis users love bongs is that you can customize them to meet your own needs and create your own experience. Whatever your smoking preferences are, there’s a line of bong accessories out there that can personalize or upgrade your bong so it’s ideal for you. A new bowl allows you enjoy longer sessions—or makes up for a careless moment. An ash catcher makes the cleaning process much easier, keeping debris out of the base water chamber. And speaking of cleaning, that whole part of your lifestyle is many times simpler with premium cleaning supplies. Keeping your bong in top condition should be a priority anyway, because that keeps you healthy and your latest sessions as tasty as your first.

What Kind of Bong is Right For You?

Even our hunter-gatherer relatives used water pipes, but the modern range available are created using materials and techniques they never could have imagined. There are countless options out there when it comes to choosing a new bong. That means it’s a lot of fun! But it’s also challenging—no one wants to waste their money. Today’s bongs are much more advanced, on the whole, although you can go simpler if that’s your style. In general, more chambers and percs in a bong means more filtration, and, in turn, cooler smoke and a less harsh, more pleasant hit. If you love a velvety, ice-cold smoke, an ice catcher can cool your smoke down even more, delivering those hits.

If you’re still wondering what type of bong is best for you, think about the features that change from piece to piece:

  • Shape of the water pipe
  • Fixed downstem/removable downstem
  • Perc yes or no
  • Ice catch yes or no
  • Splash guards, yes or no
  • Water line markers, yes or no
  • Compatibility with existing parts or pieces

Typically, bong joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, or 19mm. This means if you’re shopping for parts or accessories such as ash-catchers or bowls you need to know what size your bong is. You also need to know what kind of angle your downstem joint has. Although many inline perc pieces and straight tubes have a 90º joint angle, most beakers have 45º fittings. The advantage of glass bongs, other than being easier to clean, is that there is nothing that negatively impacts the taste of your smoke. And when you keep this kind of bong clean, it lasts pretty much forever. Borosilicate glass bongs are tough, just like your mom’s cooking dishes.

Factors to Consider When You Buy a Bong Online

Dry herbs or concentrates? If you only smoke dry herb, a classic beaker or straight tube bong will never fail you. Most bongs come standard with the glass bowl attachment you’ll need to hold the flower as you light it up. If concentrates are your thing and you think your bong might be used for dabbing, you’ll also need a dab nail in place of the bowl. Try a dab rig or quartz banger if you really love high end concentrates and want to preserve their terpene and flavor profiles. Portable or at home? If you really only need your bong at home, a complex, art glass rig is fine for you.

Bongs FAQ

How Much Do Bongs Sell For Online?

Prices for bongs range from about $30 to hundreds. Silicone bongs tend to be affordable, between $30 and $70, with prices for glass bongs as follows: small bongs – $40 to $100, large bongs – $100 and up.

Can You Buy Bongs?

With federal law constantly changing, this is a great question. However, bongs are not just for cannabis—although they are for adults only. So long as you are at least 18 years old, you are in the clear to order any of our bongs and other products online. Our online headshop offers dab rigs, bongs, vapes, glass pipes, and accessories intended for aromatherapy blends, medical use, tobacco, and legal concentrates only.

Are water pipes bongs?

The water pipe is a type of pipe that includes some kind of water filtration. This category of pipe does include bubblers and bongs.

How are bongs manufactured?

Glass bongs begin in liquid form, at a temperature of up to 1163°C. The craftsperson shapes the molten glass into a bubble with a hollowed steel blowpipe or rod by blowing to create a round shape.

How Do I Dab With My Bong?

To use bong for dabbing, you need a quartz banger or other dab nail for your bong. This is because concentrates need a really hot surface before they will turn into vapor. Remember, you’ll need to make sure it’s compatible.

We love the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig. This rig is a great size, comes with a 100% quartz nail, and lasts forever with some care.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit

Looking for a dab rig? Take a peek at our article all about dab rigs.

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Yes! All of our silicone bongs are made with 100 percent Medical Grade Silicone.

Bongs are one of the oldest and most popular ways tobacco enthusiast’s combust tobacco. Bongs have been used by us for much longer than the 1970’s when they started making a comeback, but have been known to be used since ancient times.

The great thing about a bong is that it’s portable, easy to handle and is an efficient way to consume tobacco. The main benefit of a bong is that usually hot smoke is cooled through the water before being inhaled and therefore provides a cooler smoother smoke.

Final Thoughts

Glass bongs are probably the most popular bongs on the market as they come in all different shapes, colors and designs. They are popular because they are easier to clean, glass is sanitary compared to other materials and if thick enough and careful enough they will last for a long time.

One of the limitations of glass bongs is that they do crack and you can’t afford that. So it’s always wise to keep your bong safe from being knocked over or away from your dog’s wagging their tails. Many people have been brought to their knees when finding out that their bong is cracked. Luckily bongs are not just made of glass, but many other materials. If you are prone to being clumsy, it might be wise to think about purchasing a silicone bong.

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