Best Bud of the Month: Toffee – Bud Tender

Frankly, you already know Toffee. In fact, if you Google “Toffee Durango Greenery,” the first ten results that pop up are from happy customers who left a review specifically for Toffee, and they’re all glowing sentiments with comments such as “great customer service” and “best budtender ever,” which makes sense. Toffee simply slays it up front, and everyone who walks in our door leaves with a smile thanks to the equal parts of friendly, sarcastic sass and superb cannabis knowledge they received from Toffee. But just in case you’re one of the few Durangans who doesn’t know this extra-fab budtender of ours, here’s your chance to learn a bit more:

About your Best Bud:

Q. When did you start working for The Greenery?

Toffee. I began working at the Greenery a scant 5 months ago, and I’m still having fun.

Q. What’s your favorite way to enjoy marijuana?

Toffee. I prefer a nice flavorful flower or a potent dab. Edibles for special occasions of course!

Q. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Toffee. Nothing beats the simple joy of a walk by the river or a gentle hike. I prefer getting fresh air and relaxing to testing my endurance and athleticism.

Q. Tell us about your pet.

Toffee. I don’t have a pet at the moment, but I will be remedying that as soon as possible.

Q. Which station do you stream while you’re working at The Greenery?

Toffee. I tend to listen to podcasts when I’m just passing time with busy work, but I’ll switch over to one of my custom playlists when I want to focus.

Q. What do you like most about working at The Greenery?

Toffee. I’ve always been passionate about cannabis, and this job really lets me indulge in that passion. I could talk about weed and weed-adjacent products all day long. No, really, that’s what I’m paid to do.

Yes! We really do pay our budtenders to “talk about weed and weed-adjacent products all day long,” which is still something we don’t take for granted—we all remember when weed was illegal, and it’s still a bit surreal to walk into this Durango dispensary daily to sell it and talk about it for a paycheck.

And really, there aren’t many people better at talking about weed than Toffee, who comes to work each day with an organic, genuine passion for the plant, and with a heartfelt desire to help the people who walk into The Greenery looking for legal weed. So, Toffee, thank you for all that you do; you’re February’s Best Bud of the Month!

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