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I have a 14 year old senior yellow Labrador retriever who has arthritis. She can still get around okay as far as basic functioning to go outside and move around the house. But, I can’t take her for walks because it exacerbates her issues. These issues include involuntary muscle spasms and heavier-than-normal limping. One morning…she couldn’t stand up and I thought that may be it for her. But, after I carried her outside, she got up and walking again.

I’ve been treating her with a joint health supplement Cosequin (Glucosamine, MSM) and I am giving her the prescribed NSAID Previcox for pain and inflammation. I assume these are working at some level but it’s hard to tell to what extent. The one morning when she couldn’t get up…I hadn’t given her a Previcox pill for a few days. So, that may have been why she couldn’t get up. Also, aside from her being slow to get up and slower moving around, it’s hard to tell whether she is in pain. Sometimes she will pant…which I assume is one form of exhibiting pain. But, it’s not like she cries out loud or anything. She is also slow to lie down and get up. Occasionally, she falls down when trying to get off the sofa or on slippery surfaces.

Do any of you have any experience with arthritis in dogs and could share your treatments? One thing I am truly interested in is CBD treatments. However, being in Texas, I’m not clear on how to obtain CBD for canines. For example, if you look on Chewy, then they sell hemp oil type stuff but not CBD. I assume it’s a legal issue. I suppose I could go to one of these CBD shops popping up but that seems like a gamble…especially since it’s basically unregulated as far as what you get. Anyone ever tried CBD treats or oils in their dogs for arthritis or otherwise?

Another option I was thinking about checking out is Adequan…which is basically injections. People have said good things about this. I would like to be able to walk my dog again even short distances but not when it makes her worse off like it has. For now, I just settle for taking her out front off leash and letting her just do her own thing at her own pace…until she is ready to come back in.

She’s such a sweet dog and I’ve become really attached to her. This was my parents dog up until a year ago when they could no longer care for it due to being unable to care for themselves.

Thanks for any input!

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