5 Smart and Safe Ways to Package Your Cannabis Edibles

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The growth of cannabis edibles as a subset of the various forms of cannabis products has been tremendous over the past couple of years. More cannabis users are opting for cannabis edibles due to some of their advantages over other forms. It does not involve smoking or inhaling any form of smoke and so it eliminates all the health risks of smoking or vaping. It can also be enjoyed comfortably in the public without the risk of harassment as they are made in user-friendly forms such as gummies, candy, and brownies. Cannabis edibles have also been incorporated into different foods and drinks with different canna-enthusiasts coming up with new recipes all the time.

Commercially, edibles are produced by cannabis firms under strict rules and regulations. These strict rules are for good reasons as cannabis edibles have the capacity of doing much harm if not packaged and labeled properly. Due to the fact that cannabis edibles look like common food products, they tend to easily attract minors who have no idea of the recreational compound within. Though the cannabis in the edibles will have no health risk, it will cause a euphoric high that was not requested for. Adults too are not exempted from this experience as cannabis edibles if not packaged and stored properly can unknowingly be consumed by just about anybody.

Due to the need to ensure safety, it is important to go about packaging edibles smartly. The arrangement of the recreational market of cannabis also requires that innovative ways of packaging are adopted to attract consumers. Here are 5 smart and safe things to do when going about packaging edibles.

Know and understand local laws

The illegal nature of cannabis federally means that legal states have varying laws when it comes to regulations. The laws guiding cannabis edibles are specifically strict and if care is not taken they can easily be violated without knowing. The laws are put in place to put the safety of the consumers and all that may come into contact with the products into consideration. Different states tend to have small differences in their regulations and for cannabis firms that operate in more than one state, it is important to know the laws of every state. Colorado for example requires that edible potency is written in a font two sizes larger than the remainder of the product’s typography.

Some states also adopt the use of pictograms on the packaging to properly inform the consumer of the delayed reaction of edibles compared to smoking. This helps consumers to not down a large number of edibles due to lack of the euphoric feeling immediately. This is why it is important to know the laws to comfortably work within them while seeking to package your edibles.

Stick to keeping it simple

It is very common for some firms to go for that special and unique branding format to get a unique identity and an edge in the market. While this is good, when it comes to cannabis edibles, it is advisable to keep it simple. This is because the use of attractive designs and colors in packaging tends to attract children and laws in some legal states are already against this. California for example specify that cannabis product labeling should not be attractive to children, have health claims, or use cartoons. This helps to limit the curiosity of children to such products.

When looking to package edibles, avoid going overboard and getting on the wrong side of the law by sticking to clean and simple designs. You can never go wrong while keeping it simple.

Childproof the packaging

Childproofing goes a long way to eliminate the threat of minors consuming edibles. This measure is consistent in the pharmaceutical industry as they make use of such packaging for specific drugs that are a risk to children if consumed. There are different types of childproof packaging that can be adopted and they can be modulated for consumers as well. Low milligrams dose edibles can easily be kept in tamper-evident packaging while higher milligrams doses are kept in stronger childproof packaging. This helps the user to distinguish the potency of the edibles and it is consistent with some state legislations.

There are different examples of modern childproof packaging such as trays and blister packs that make it harder for children to access and remove the products. Many of these childproof packagings are used for strong pharmaceutical drugs that can have harmful effects on children.

Take inspiration from other industries

The food industry and the pharmaceutical industry are two examples of places to get ideas about the packaging of edibles. You can easily check what packaging format is being applied in the food industry that is gaining acceptance from consumers. Adopting such will go a long way to attracting customers. The pharmaceutical industry will also provide insight into safety measures to adopt while packaging products such as the use of colored and ribbed containers. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to packaging and you can take advantage of this to get the best out of the brand for your product.

Adapt to changes in regulation

The regulations around edibles are constantly changing which is why it is important to adapt to such changes. Some of these regulations tend to bring frustration as they have the capacity to hugely draw back the progress of the product. An example is the crackdown on gummies, candies, and lollipops by the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board because they are appealing to children. This is why it is important to always be on the lookout for new ways of improving packaging format to steer clear of such issues.

Bottom line

The importance of adequate packaging for edibles cannot be overemphasized. The risks involved if it is not done properly are the major reasons why the regulations around it are very strict. Recreational users or entrepreneurs involved in the production of cannabis edibles are advised to be well updated on the latest packaging techniques so they can go about their business safely and efficiently.







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